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RUSPLAST - polymer market expert

Today, the main focus of the company is the supply of engineering (structural) plastics, rubbers, resins and other polymeric materials directly from the world's leading manufacturers.

In 2018 Rusplast opened its own production of Functional polymer additives, TPE, TPV, and Bioplastics.
Modifying additives
Modifying additive is a highly effective compound used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of polymers. It is produced in the form of granules, added to the feedstock in order to improve the basic properties of the feedstock.
Basic properties of modifiers
Frost resistance
Impact resistance
Adsorption properties
Ring stiffness
Restoring properties from recycled materials

Types of processing using modifiers

PP extrusion
Pressure pipes, sewer pipes
Wood-polymer composites (WPC)
PE extrusion
Sewer pipes, corrugated pipes, paper-effect film Wood-polymer composites (WPC)
ABS extrusion
ABS sheet
(thermoforming sheet)
Disposable tableware, yogurt containers, coffee lids, corex packaging (cakes, cookies, egg container), seedling cassettes, lunch boxes
injection molding
Cabinet products, plastic pallets
rotational molding
Road delimiters
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Processing additives
A processing aid is a highly active compound used to improve polymer processing and increase equipment productivity. It is produced in the form of granules, added to the base raw materials at a minimum concentration in order to optimize the polymer processing process.
Using MASBATCH processing additives you get:
Increasing the cleaning interval
Increase in productivity
Decrease in marriage
Basic properties
processing additives
These modifications are applicable to all types of processing.
Decreased adhesion between layers
Reduced adhesion
Decreased adhesion between layers
Prevention of thermal destruction
Prevents oxidation during storage, transportation and operation
Reduction of technological downtime, carbon deposits, melt pulsations, gelation, thickness variation, increase in productivity

Application area

PE film (caste)
Stretch film
PE film (blown)
Shrink film, covering film, bag making
PP film (caste)
Lamination, printing packaging (pasta, metallized lamination)
PP film (biaxial flat slit extrusion)
BOPP (packaging for flowers, packaging for cigarettes, confectionery individual packaging)
PP film (blown)
Individual food packaging, bag making
PA film
Artificial sausage casing, sausage casing
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RUSPLAST - polymer market expert
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